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Processing and injection molding of plastics

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We produce technically highly demanding products of large series

We produce large series of products for well-known customers in foreign and domestic markets, and we also control the production of small series or even prototype products for occasional or one-time customers..


Mechanical treatment

At Jeroplast, we provide technically advanced services for the processing, processing and injection molding of plastics. We specialize in precision machining on modern machines according to your plans.



We also perform various assemblies (manual or automated). We can assemble more complex mechanical assemblies, for which we make all the products ourselves. If necessary, we purchase additional standard elements that we need for the product.



When planning industrial automation, we are guided by efficiency, as our primary goal is to offer a device or set of devices that will ensure maximum quality and productivity with minimal investment of labor and money.

Extensive production program

It requires constant investment in development and high-tech equipment. As it is constantly expanding over the years, today it can be roughly divided into the following areas:

White goods

Electrical industry

Automotive industry


Climate technology

Entertainment and toys

Office products

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