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We are a modern and innovative company in the field of plastic processing with a 29-year tradition. In our work we combine experience with the flexibility of production, which allows us a wide range of production options.
Orientation to our customers is at the heart of our company. After all, this is reflected in interpersonal relationships as well as in products.


The mission of the company JEROPLAST d.o.o., is custom manufacturing that meets or exceeds expectations in the field of industrial automation and machining. We offer consulting to our clients and use our knowledge to develop excellent projects – from conceptual design to final production.


In addition to industrial automation, the company’s vision is to expand the field of machining and assembly of mechanical assemblies. We are a creative and ambitious team that uses its own innovative technologies to develop a responsible attitude towards our customers and also towards the environment.



Our main guideline is to adapt to the needs of our clients to the maximum. Only knowledge, self-initiative, quality and timely delivery are the characteristics of a good company. Our way of leading is shaped by openness, respect and reliability towards our employees and business partners.

Marko Jerovčnik


JEROPLAST, proizvodnja in inženiring, d.o.o.
Obrtniška ulica 1,3331 Nazarje
Slovenija, EU

M +386 41 402 426



JEROPLAST, proizvodnja in inženiring, d.o.o.
Obrtniška ulica 1,3331 Nazarje
Slovenija, EU

T +386  (0)3 839 49 00


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Name: JEROPLAST, d.o.o.
Long name PRS: JEROPLAST, proizvodnja in inženiring, d.o.o.
Tax Number SI: 82530556
Reg. Number: 3637093000
TRR: IBAN SI56 0237 4025 8258 113 (odprt 16.10.2009, NLB d.d.)
Address: Obrtniška ulica 1, Nazarje, 3331 Nazarje
Number of employees: 5 – 9
Register date: 23.10.2009

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