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Quality assurance

A continuous process of improvement
meeting the requirements,
customer needs and expectations.

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Quality is fundamental
company orientation

Our products must fully comply with the requirements set by national and international regulations and standards.
Products should satisfy the demanding customer, both in terms of functionality or. usability, as well as being friendly to man and the environment.


Our main guideline is to adapt to the needs of our clients to the maximum. Only knowledge, self-initiative, quality and timely delivery are the characteristics of a good company. Being innovative and flexible, offering the customer more than expected, providing error-free services and providing its customers with quality products in accordance with the required delivery times and quantities, are the foundations of the established quality management system according to ISO 9001 in JEROPLAST d.o.o.


The mission of the company JEROPLAST d.o.o., is custom manufacturing that meets or exceeds expectations in the field of industrial automation and machining. We offer consulting to our clients and use our knowledge to develop excellent projects – from conceptual design to final production. Which allows greater optimization of all processes and the production of turnkey assemblies. We strive to continuously improve our quality management system through innovation, teamwork, and the full involvement of all employees. We guarantee that with our knowledge and experience we will find the best solutions for you, which we will also develop with state-of-the-art technology.


In addition to industrial automation, the company’s vision is to expand the field of machining and assembly of mechanical assemblies. We are a creative and ambitious team that uses its own innovative technologies to develop a responsible attitude towards our customers and also towards the environment.


Key goals

  • Maintain and establish good customer relationships
  • Expanding market opportunities and selling products in existing markets and penetrating markets where we are not yet present
  • Ensuring health and safety at work
  • Expanding the presence with quality products in the markets of the automotive and other industries
  • Increase sales on machining
  • Providing good jobs, good working conditions and thus employee satisfaction
  • A continuous process of improving customer satisfaction, needs and expectations
  • Expansion of activities in the field of development and production of more demanding machines and devices
  • Reducing energy consumption and continuously introducing technologies that will be more productive, provide better economic efficiency and are more environmentally friendly
  • Ensuring compliance with legal and other requirements

Extensive production program

It requires constant investment in development and high-tech equipment. As it is constantly expanding over the years, today it can be roughly divided into the following areas:

White goods

Electrical industry

Automotive industry


Climate technology

Entertainment and toys

Office products

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